ROUNDIE DROPS- Paint your own
ROUNDIE DROPS- Paint your own

ROUNDIE DROPS- Paint your own

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With so many of us facing a little extra time at home, we are SO excited to offer the opportunity to paint your very own Poppy Lane products!

Whether you paint your own to match your favourite outfit, have your kids paint one to give a sentimental gift to a loved one (hello teacher Christmas gifts?!) or have your girlfriends around and each paint one for a girls night in (or FaceTime and do one together!) Whatever you choose we are beyond excited to see what you all come up with!! 


- We post you what you need to paint your product

- Included in your parcel is a return address label

- You take as long as you need to paint your canvas

- Carefully pop your completed dried canvas back into the provided tube or box, and put the return address sticker on top of the original postage sticker. This can be put straight into a postbox- no need to pay for anything or go in to a post office! We just ask that you please keep your details on the product with the provided sticker so we know it’s yours!

- Once received, we transform your artwork into your selected product and post back to you completed!  We aim to get this back to you as soon as possible, but please allow up to 2-4 weeks. ** CHRISTMAS WILL EFFECT THIS- if a kit is not back to us by the 20th of October will will not be able to guarantee it will get back to you by Christmas given week will still have to make the product and with current postage delays** 

-please note we will pick the best section of your canvas to turn into your product, and unless you request a certain colour, we will pair your earrings with a top/ tassels that we feel compliment your artwork. You are of course welcome to select this yourselves and let us know (subject to availability)


Depending on what selection you make you may receive;

-Canvas cut slighter bigger then your requested product size

-A paint brush

-A selection of our favourite paints (you can choose either brights, pastels or both. Please note paint colours may alter slightly from photographed colours.

-Gold or silver leaf and Metallic paints

-A prepaid return address label sticker, and the tube/ box to post it back!


-Different size paintbrushes 

-Different paint colours- your welcome to use any types of paints you like- inks, acrylics, spray paints etc. as long as whatever you add isn’t too thick so it won’t crack and look lumpy when the clutch is sewn into its pvc housing.

-Normal glue stick if you choose to add the foil to your clutch


-We find these look best when you start with larger shapes and work your way up to the more detailed shapes, rather then starting small. But this is of course totally up to you!

-Allow each layer to completely dry before adding more paint on top to avoid bleeding colours (a hair dryer can help speed up this process!) 

-using different shades of the same colour can look really amazing together! So for this reason we have included white paint in both colour options- we use so much white paint! 

-If you are adding gold or silver foil, please ensure you do this with a standard glue stick. Please don’t add with wet paint or pvc glue! 

if you have ANY questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask!! We are SO excited to see what you guys come up with! X