Bon Maxie- Pink Glitter Travel Earring Holder

Bon Maxie- Pink Glitter Travel Earring Holder

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Bon Maxie 




  • KEEP THE SPONGE! Our anti-bacterial sponge helps protect your earring posts from being smooshed. Pop your earrings on to the board and place the board with earrings on and spike into the sponge.
  • You'll get a frosted earring board, dense sponge to help prevent bent earring posts, 20 pairs spare rubber earring backs and Large size gets a Leopard Handy Pouch.
  • Add another board to double your storage
  • Add on some Very Handy Pouches for storage for rings, hair ties, bobby pins
  • PVC pouch for water-resistant travelling 


Material: acrylic, anti-bacterial sponge, rubber, PVC 

Size: Mini holds up to 15 pairs studs + dangles, 135mm wide pouch, Large holds up to 42 pairs, 180mm wide pouch

Care: We recommend using rubber stops on dangle earrings to help secure them. Use a soft, cloth/baby wipe to gently remove any marks. Take care not to overfill to the point the zip won't close! Please take care with your earrings while travelling. While the holder does provide protection, each earring style is different so we advise you still aim to protect the pouch from squashes.